Website Auto Traffic Generator

Website Auto Traffic Generator (Autohits247) is a simple website that can perform search engine optimization(SEO) by generating any number of page views for your web sites. Websites and blogs thrive on popularity and especially on the accumulated number of page views, which give them exposure and help them reach even more visitors.

How to use our website?

1. Open Website.

2. Register for free.

3. Add your website or blog address in the URL list. (paste the page for which you need traffic).

4. Set the point, page count you wanted.

5. Change interval time to lower value if you need page views withing short time or vice versa.

6.  Click Browsing to start earn point.

Website Auto Traffic Generator Features:

1. You can specify unlimited number of page views.

2. Traffic from any geographic location (proxy support)

3. Page view in popup, not iframe.

4. You can specify unlimited number of pages to the list at a time.

5. Visiting interval starts from milli seconds.

6. Viewing the progress of running status.

This is a portable and user friendly application that works on all kind of web sites. You can set time interval between visiting each pages. In case you need more number of page views, minimize the time interval as required. Nothing more to say, this free tool can perform more than you expected.

More info, please check our site: http://autohits247.drivingmart.com

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