Category Product Manager extension for Opencart

Looking for a quick and easier way to manage categories and products on your OpenCart store?
Here’s what you need: Category Product Manager extension for Opencart.

Category Product Manager Features

This extension enhances your OpenCart store and allow administrators to:
– View categories and products in a more effective layout
– View/edit all categories in same screen.
– View/edit all products in same screen.
– Add/edit/delete products and categories a lighbox screen
– Update categories’ image and preview category in fronend by simply.
– Update products’ sort, product price, product status values and linked category by simply dragging and dropping
– Filter product by category or manufacturers
– Mark product as featured or remove them from featured list
– Update categories, products by ajax.
– Don’t replace any file, all done by VQMod.

More info at http://www.ladadeal.com/opencart-extensions/category-product-manager-extension-for-opencart

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